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Adriano Agnello

/ Certified Public Accountant and Auditor

Adriano Agnello | Certified Public Accountant and Auditor

A Certified Public Accountant and Auditor, he joined MTA in 2016 after gaining significant experience in the administration and control departments of important companies operating in the pharmaceutical and telecommunications sectors.

He obtained a post-university Master’s degree in Corporate Finance and is an advisor and financial analyst in the drafting of business plans, industrial plans, liquidation plans, development projects, research projects, investment feasibility plans, etc.

He has gained significant experience in OIC adopter and IAS adopter accounting principles, drafting annual and consolidated financial statements, as well as corporate income taxes. They regularly provide with assistance to companies and groups in these areas.

He deals with compliance for industrial and personal holding companies in terms of financial reporting communication under Legislative Decree 142/18.

They collaborate with the online specialist magazine Società e Tributi Week, founded by MTA, regularly publishing contributions on accounting principles, financial statements, and extraordinary operations.