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Vision and Mission

The success of economic initiatives should be appreciated from an economic-financial perspective, as well as from a social impact and long-term sustainability perspective.

Our mission is to:

  • Promote growth processes and value creation for SMEs, helping them with economic and financial choices and designing the best corporate and tax structures;
  • Support estate and tax planning for the assets of private individuals in a perspective of protection and development of wealth and generational transition;
  • Assist entities and institutions by providing specialized services in areas of our expertise.

MTA, in line with the values expressed in its mission, offers services that are:



Selected on basis of our ability to provide a relevant, distinctive and lasting contribution to the client while at the same time promoting the growth of the MTA and its professionals through the exchange of experiences and know-how.


Focused on resolving complex issues through a tailored approach and a strong personalization of the service.


Provided by combining highly specialized and multidisciplinary skills and, if necessary, making available the network of professionals who collaborate regularly with MTA.

The beginnings

MTA was founded in 1993 through a professional association agreement between Lorenzo Mamone and Paolo Torracca. The early years were characterized by close contact with the University of Pisa thanks to the activity of seminarists and commercial law teaching fellows. These were the years of growth alongside the law firm of Professor Alessandro Cerrai, Full Professor of Commercial Law at the Faculty of Economics and Commerce, and participation in his numerous initiatives both in the academic and professional fields. MTA expanded from 1996 with the entry of Ilaria Teodori and Lucia Santoni, both trained in the field of commercial law and pupils of Prof. Cerrai. Based on this experience, MTA has developed a passion for a profession based on the study and in-depth analysis of both legal and business matters as a fundamental premise for the provision of specialized and personalized services.

The growth

In the 2000s, MTA saw the entry of new professionals: Valerio Goldoni specializing in the area of corporate crisis and Adriano Agnello with a specific focus on corporate finance and business taxation. Over the years, MTA has encouraged the specialization of individual professionals as well as teamwork through the sharing of experiences, confrontation, and constant deepening and updating on the topics covered. The passion for in-depth analysis of the most complex issues, which has resulted in a constant production of circulars and newsletters directed to MTA clients, is at the origin of the idea of creating an editorial project through the spin-off of this study and research activity. Thus it was born the online legal and economic information weekly Società e Tributi Week (STW), registered with the Court of Pisa.

The future

MTA aims to be a reference player for the provision of professional services in the tax, corporate, and business finance sectors, with a target audience consisting of Italian SMEs, private individuals holding large assets, and entities and institutions (especially courts and public prosecutors). In September 2019, the foundations were laid for this development project with the “opening” of the new MTA headquarters, which covers an area of about 350 square meters (on two levels) and is organized according to the most modern standards to ensure the highest quality of working environments. The new headquarters (inside the San Giusto Management Center) is in a strategic position, being only 300 meters from the entrance to the Galileo Galilei international airport in Pisa and is well served by both the railway connection (Pisa station is only 10 minutes’ walk away) and the motorway connection.


Società e Tributi Week

From the spin-off of MTA’s activity focused on the preparation of alerts, reports, and circulars for clients, a publishing project was born in 2016: Società e Tributi Week (STW). STW is an online weekly information outlet that publishes articles and in-depth analysis on specialized topics concerning tax, corporate, and business crisis matters. Considering the increasingly dense and articulated information offerings by many means of information, STW aims to select the most interesting topics for their readers, with an eye towards new opportunities. The challenge is to tackle complex issues with a direct and content-rich language that is immediately useful in the economic planning of individuals and businesses. The authors are primarily professionals from MTA who, working in the field, will provide a practical and direct approach despite dealing with specialized subjects.

Discover more

MTA is committed to supporting cultural and solidarity projects.


Dolfo Project

MTA has assisted, and continues to assist, with its expertise the “Comitato per l’Archivio di Artista di Adolfo Scarselli – in arte Dolfo,” a committee in which MTA has also decided to participate as a founding member. Adolfo Scarselli is a painter and sculptor from Volterra, recently deceased, known and loved throughout Tuscany and by public institutions that have accepted his sculptural works to “decorate” numerous corners of their territory. Dolfo is mentioned in Giorgio De Genova’s “Storia dell’arte italiana del 900, Generazione Anni ’30.” The committee aims to catalog and archive the collection’s works, as well as promote the study, knowledge, and critical cultural sensitivity of Dolfo’s thought and artistic path. The Committee has obtained, among others, the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa and the collaboration of the University of Pisa and the Artistic Superintendence of Tuscany (

Antico e moderno

Dolfo, a sculptor, will be exhibiting at the Palazzo Blu Residence in Pisa until July 14, 2024.
This is a significant milestone achieved by the Committee for the Artist's Archive of Adolfo Scarselli, known as Dolfo, which includes founding members and collaborators from MTA Studio Tributario Societario.